About Me

I hope that if you’ve found my website, you are here on purpose. Either way, I’m glad you dropped by. I created this site to share what I’m learning and everyday insights with you. My goal is to share my knowledge and give you hope and encouragement. I intend to keep my posts brief, yet meaningful and worth your time.

Hopefully, what I share will help you along the way. If it does, or if you have ideas or comments, I welcome informative, respectful, and positive feedback. Please feel free to respond with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

A little more about me…

I am a Christian and life-long learner. I’m often working on new projects and learning about new things that interest me.

Hubby and I are high school sweethearts and are still happily married.

I enjoy making myself and my home look beautiful.

I like all your typical girly stuff. Hair, nails, fashion, and shopping!

I love coffee and smooth jazz. Together or separately.

I listen to lots of audiobooks. Most are borrowed on my library apps.

Like lots of women, I love a great romantic novel, movie, or show. I also love all the super hero movies – and some sci-fi stuff since hubby is a Trekkie.

Most of my recent jobs have been in banking, finance, and mortgage/real estate. But I’m currently transitioning into a new career and I’m working on getting a job in data analysis.

I love to travel and plan I to do lots more of it. I really enjoy it because it opens you up to a whole new world.

I listen to all sorts of videos and audiobooks and lots of my content will come from what I’m listening to.

I’m here to share my thoughts on my journey. I hope that it will encourage and inspire you.

Let’s get this journey started!